Coconut Water

Coconut water is always beneficial. Better body insufficiency, but also effective in skin care. The simple solution that can lead to It to removing facial marks.


African Mousumi, a morphologist of the Herbs Ayurvedic Skin and Hair Care Clinic, thinks the Coconut water is very good for the skin. But before using it, the skin should be applied to understand the type of skin.

Some Packs For Skin :
Doubtful water is used for all types of skin. For oily skin, put the matter dal of coconut water in the water and put it on the skin by mixing it with mint leaves. This eliminates oily insolvency, brightness will come in the skin, along with many stains.

For dry skin, the potatoes will be soaked in dub water. After that, it will be pasted and honey will be mixed on the skin. This will increase the brightness of the skin by eliminating dryness.

Coconut Water | Coconut Tree

You can make ice cubes mixed with equal quantity of mint leaves and tulsi leaf juice in cauldron water. Using ice cubes from the outside will increase the brightness and refreshment of the skin.

You can create body scab with Coconut water. Soak the wheat in the water and drink it. When the whole body of the body dead cells will be removed. Soak the rose petals, mint leaves and tulsi leaves in a dubbing water for a while. Blend it later. It can be made and frozen in the refrigerator. Whenever you need to mix it with a little oats powder and slowly rub the face. This scrubber is very effective to remove any kind of scars.

Benefits of getting water on the skin as well as using cabbage are beneficial. Duba is very useful for those who want to diet. Due to the sodium and potassium, it contains. Coconut water does not take a long appetite. Sweet It is very good for those with low blood pressure. It helps to keep the body fresh from the inside.

Coconut Water | Coconut Pic

Filled With Nutrients :
Cub water is a natural nutrient quality. It is necessary to keep internal nutrition out of the body. It has high potassium It is also beneficial for the skin. When we go to sunlight, we get very much sweat, when the water in the water is electrolyte balance, and the body is also free of distortion (Detoxification).

There are two types of minerals inside and outside of our body cells. Sodium inside and outside potassium High levels of blood pressure increase if sodium level increases. Potassium helps reduce blood sodium trends The pressure on the water of the caffeine is balanced with blood pressure. However, it is necessary to drink the water from the cabbage water. The larger the dubbing, the sugar, and calories will grow as much.

It comes in handy to make muscles. As a result muscle tension (muscle cramps) does not fall. There is a shortage of body fluid in sunlight, loses moisture. So this is a good time to drink caffeine. And the face of the dubbing water will remain good to the skin.

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