First Days of School

Schools and colleges were closed due to the Corona epidemic. Many children have already become accustomed to online classes. Some may be reluctant to go to school. Again, many will return to school with great enthusiasm. In fact, they will enjoy it a lot. But on the contrary, some people do not want to go to school easily. Families and teachers need special support at this time.

Fear of Being Infected With Corona, What Should Be Done?

Children have seen the family panic in the Corona epidemic, noticing strict adherence to hygiene rules. They have also heard the family’s warning to follow the hygiene rules. He also saw the worrying situation of society, the country, and the world on TV or other media. All this has crossed their minds. So they may be reluctant to go to school. What to do in this situation?

No worries. If you can reassure them, they will happily go back to school. They need to be taught that there is no risk of infection when going to school and classes with hygiene. It should be assured that wearing a mask and staying at a safe distance from classmates and teachers will greatly reduce the risk of infection. They also need to be reminded of the importance of washing their hands in soapy water. Also, say that people are getting the corona vaccine, now there is not as much risk of infection as before. Besides, after a long time, it will be good to meet friends and teachers, the mind will be happy. It will be known what they experienced during this long period.

What The Child Will Notice When He Returns From School:

After a long time, the children may go to school with encouragement or parental orders to open the school. But how school time is also important. Observing the child can give an idea about him. After returning from school, they need to monitor their physical health, mental state, emotions, and behavior. Signs that the baby needs extra support-Depression.

* Feeling anxious

* Feeling angry

* Anxiety

* Anger

* Weakness

* Discouragement to play with other children

* Disappointment to do homework

* Coherent speech

* Not sleeping well

* Not wanting to eat food

* Loss of interest in a friend.

They need to be told carefully – not only does it feel good to go to school after a long time, but it can also be upsetting for some reason, and that’s normal. Ask them out well if they are no longer absorbed in the connection. Don’t say things that increase his anger or rage. Hear something positive. You can say this – everyone wants to be healthy. So there is nothing wrong with forbidding someone to approach you for fear of getting sick. You too should be at a safe distance for your own safety.

When the child returns from school, the first thing to do is to take a bath. Then if he feels weak, he should be fed immediately. Then let him rest a little. Then eat normal food. Keep her diet as nutritious as possible.

Ask The Child To Follow The Hygiene Rules:

Children should be reminded to go to school every day, to wash their hands regularly with soapy water. They also remind their friends to wash their hands regularly. Ask the child to follow the coughing and sneezing etiquette. That means coughing or sneezing should actually use the elbow fold. Ask the child to wear a mask when confronted by his classmate or friend. There is no need to wear a mask when the teacher takes the class, but the mask must be worn later before facing anyone. If the school has instructions to always wear a mask, then it must be obeyed.

The Child Insisted Not to Go to School, What to Do?

The school was closed for a long time during the Coronation Lockdown. Many children have been emotionally disturbed during this time. Some people do not want to go to school after a long time due to nervousness. No matter what they are told, it will not be possible to send them to school on the first day. They have to give time.

* You need to show your child on TV if other children are happily promoting something that is going to school or doing classes.

* If possible, give your child a chance to talk to the teacher on the phone.

* Let someone who has been to school talk to your child.

* If necessary, you can bring your child around the school.

What To Do To Fix The Baby’s Sleeping Habits:

Since the school was closed for a long time due to the epidemic, many children have changed their sleeping habits. The tendency to sleep late at night has increased. Now that the school is open, there is no question of staying up late. Remember, if the child does not get enough sleep, he will easily become weak in class and it will be difficult to concentrate on his studies. TVs, smartphones, and other devices should be avoided at least one hour before going to sleep. Studies have shown that digital devices reduce sleep quality. The bottom line is that the child must get enough sleep before going to school.

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