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Small Baby Development :

A parent works tirelessly to make her child live. We can not imagine how much he loves us. From the birth of a child to a bigger, it is hard to bear his father. A father loves children unselfishly. Which we never imagined. She will have to feed at the right time to take care of her baby. We have to be careful about whether her body is healthy. If he becomes ill, he will have to take medicines according to the doctor’s advice. We have to be careful about whether the body of his body is clean. They give us work at the right time. Parents have great thoughts about raising children.No parent can neglect this responsibility. Baby healthcare needs all child.Baby | Baby healthcare

Increasing Our Distance From Children Due To Facebook -Baby Healthcare:

Children’s health care should be taken at the right time each of us. It is not right that we often see neglect. Every parent should take care of his child at the right time. That’s why all of us should be careful what the child is doing. Child Health: What to say, to stop Facebook? Mad! Tell me to drop something else, not Facebook. Your child can be noticed from very close. We should look after them as they think about health.

iMac Pro | Small Baby Need | Baby Health Care

Without the internet, life is inaccessible. Facebook is now very popular for social media.   If we keep pace with the society, there are many changes in children which we can not imagine.

Small children do not understand anything, we follow what we do. We should keep a little bit of Facebook name out of the little kids, and I need to be careful. The relationship between parents and children is very sweet.

After the child’s friendship with his parents, the relationship between them is changing. It is normal for parents to know what your child is doing on Facebook, what is watching, what is posted. There may be a time that this social media could give away the small children far enough.

Social Media:

This social media can create distance between parents. This is how your child is doing, where are you going? This causes tension in the relationship with the child to avoid posting offensive or to not associate with a friend.

He said this is just a few days back. One of the guardians complained that his son posted an objectionable photo on Facebook. At that time he stopped. From that point on, his confrontation with the child began. It is possible to expect better behaviors from good children, just as good fruit is expected from a good tree.

Small Baby | Baby Health Care

It is not okay to give mobile phones or computer to young people. We should protect them from harm. Every family should take care of their children and keep them away from any device.

Eminent psychologist Muhith Kamal has given some suggestions to keep the relationship between parents and friends good and to reduce Facebook addiction. Below are some suggestions for parents –

Parents Can Be Friendly:

Parents can be friendly to them for raising children. Which is a hope every child always thinks about? A child can learn something good from a good environment. Find out about where the child is going, where he is going, with whom. According to the needs of the children, they will be adapted to the open environment.

Conscious workshop in school: To reduce Facebook addiction, the awareness of school youth in the school will be prevented from nowadays. We can discuss this issue through social media.

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According to sports psychiatrists, it is absolutely necessary to give time to sports or family members as an option to save children from the evil of the Internet. At the end of each afternoon, he will have to give time to sports.

Become a Friend Make friends friendly relations with children. Discuss everything open. We have many problems that we need to solve.

Give gifts to the children’s books day or day of special day children’s books. Take him to study the book slowly. Just like our knowledge of books reads, just like using Facebook, our brain disappears.

Keep it mobile out of reach. Be friendly friends with children.

Best Baby Toys 6 -12 Months :

There is no toy option to color the child’s world. Baby baby should be careful during the selection of the baby. Children learn to play to play a lot. Any kind of toy should not be bought, it should be kept in mind that it will help the child’s mental development.Baby Healthcare | Baby Toys

Parents Can Be Aware of The Different Toys of The Child –

  1. Take a look before buying a toy, whether it is appropriate for your child’s age. There are many toys at the age limit. Due to caution, there is no possibility of any harm to the child if he sees it.
  2. Do not buy any such toy that does not have any instinct in the child awake. Give him toys so that the child can learn something happily. This will improve the mental progress of the child.
  3. After playing the baby, keep the toys themselves. Through it, the discipline will wake up.
  4. Do not keep broken toys in the house anyhow. The body can be cut in different ways when it is broken toys in the baby. So be careful that there is no way the baby can have broken toys in the neighborhood.
  5. It is more important to buy such a toy that a child can play around in a child’s play than a child can play in one place. In this, it will be better for his physical growth as well as playing the baby.

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