How To Remove Sugar From Tea

The health risks of added sugar are endless. Refined white sugar in particular is extremely harmful. Apart from tea, we eat extra sugar in various foods including coffee, pies, juices, cold drinks, sweets, puddings. Except for tea, the rest of the food may be eaten occasionally. But we can’t go without tea. Through that tea, […]

Air Pollution

The level of air pollution is increasing day by day. This is the most dangerous condition in the world due to air pollution. Talking about various initiatives, air pollution is not decreasing. According to air experts, it is important to take drastic measures to reduce pollution now. It is not just the human body or […]

First Days of School

Schools and colleges were closed due to the Corona epidemic. Many children have already become accustomed to online classes. Some may be reluctant to go to school. Again, many will return to school with great enthusiasm. In fact, they will enjoy it a lot. But on the contrary, some people do not want to go […]

Black Seed

Black Seed is good for the Body. There is also a system of Healing. There are many Healing Elements in Nature. Black Seed is one of them. Black Seed has been used as a Medicine for Two Thousand Years. It Contains Anti-Cancer Carotene and Strong Hormones. It also Contains Vitamins and Minerals. Its Main Ingredients […]

Mobile Effects On Child.

Addiction to Mobile is destroying the social skills of children. As a result, various kinds of physical and mental problems are created in children. Keep children away from smartphones. However, in many developed countries of the world, people under the age of 18 are now being discouraged from using Mobile Phones. As a result, various […]

Sundarbans of Bangladesh:

The Sundarbans plays an important role in the national economy as well as in the economy of the south-western region of Bangladesh. It is the single largest source of forest resources in the country. This forest provides raw material for wood dependent industries. These forests play a very preventive and productive role. Total area of […]

Benefits of Dates Food :

The date palm is a very well-known tree. Dates are the staple food of the Middle East. There are many date palms in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Egypt, Iran, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Oman, and Tunisia are the largest producers of dates. The Benefits of […]

14 Days Isolation Information, Corona-virus (COVID-19)

Since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic in the country, the number of infected people has been increasing day by day and the number of people going for isolation is also increasing. This is because even if the symptoms of COVID-19 appear, it is not possible to confirm whether the person is actually infected with […]

Noise Pollution

Nothing Can Be Imagined Except Noise Pollution:Noise pollution is a daily necessity. Without which we cannot imagine anything. We are exposed to noise pollution in various ways in our daily lives. When we go out of the house, we are exposed to this noise pollution, which is constantly in front of us. The sound of […]

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