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Mobile Effects On Child.

Addiction to Mobile is destroying the social skills of children. As a result, various kinds of physical and mental problems are created in children. Keep children away from smartphones. However, in many developed countries of the world, people under the age of 18 are now being discouraged from using Mobile Phones. As a result, various physical and mental problems of children are created.
Which is a good example for others. Mobile Effects On Child is Increasing Day By Day.

Children’s Lives Are Threatened on Mobile Phones

Aren’t you holding the smartphone in your darling child’s hand to play? If you practice it once, know that you have ruined your child’s life with your own hands. And mothers share most of this horrible work for temporary pleasure. And after calling the danger of the son, the mothers cried more because they could not handle it. My son Nasir is in fifth grade. Can’t eat rice without a Mobile One Day. The girl Manik went to the nursery. His condition is the same. The future child of the house next to mine doesn’t put any food in the mouth unless there is a cartoon.

New Game is Comming in The Mercket

I just said I see my room. Such incidents are going on in every house now. Then suppose 10 to 12/13-year-old boys and girls are getting addicted to Mobile phones. After watching various Games and reverse videos on YouTube, he stays away from his studies and spends all day with his Mobile Phone. New games are coming in the market and they are being promoted on TV which is getting addicted to young children.

Leading To Destruction

Some parents are responsible for the destruction of the tender-hearted sons and daughters of society. They are bringing danger by handing over Mobile phones to boys and girls at a young age. The days ahead will be even more difficult if our parents are not careful now. When your child is 15/16 years old, you can no longer control. I can’t see that we are heading for destruction. I think I am giving Mobile phones to the children for a little peace. We can never imagine facing a huge loss.

Addicted To Cartoons

Young children rarely like to watch cartoons. Among the cartoons they see are Mina, Tom & Jerry, Motu Patlu, Spiderman, Mughli, etc. These causes are very addictive without protest. If they start after that, they will continue to see. I even want to do everything from eating and drinking to sitting in that TV room or on that Mobile phone.

Children’s Education

Mobile phones have caused a lot of damage to children’s education. If the child is asked to read a little, he does not want to accept it. They find it very difficult to study. If they study, they will learn something good. Hey, little kids never try to understand the words. They wonder why we are being taught to study. This study is a very annoying thing that young children do not want to accept. When I sit down to read, they talk on their Mobile phones. If you give me a Mobile phone, I will sit down to read. Then the parents of the child, even if the child is falsely comforted, put him in bed. Because children need to be educated.

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