Air Pollution

The level of air pollution is increasing day by day. This is the most dangerous condition in the world due to air pollution. Talking about various initiatives, air pollution is not decreasing.

According to air experts, it is important to take drastic measures to reduce pollution now. It is not just the human body or the environment that is hurting the average human lifespan.

Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, U.S.A research institute, says, Eyes exposed to contaminated air containing chemical compounds May cause infection or damage to the nose or throat. It can also lead to lung complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia, headaches, asthma, and various allergies. Scientists have found a link between air pollution and diabetes.

At present, the average life expectancy of the people of Bangladesh is 72.6 years. At the same time a year ago, the average life expectancy was 72.3 years. However, if the average life expectancy of air pollution continues to increase, it can go down in 67 years.

One-fourth of the world’s people live in four South Asian countries — Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. The level of air pollution is also higher in these four countries. With a 44 percent increase in air pollution over the past decade, the average life expectancy of people in these four countries could be reduced by at least five years on average.

According to the report, out of 234 countries, Bangladesh has been named as the country with the highest air pollution in the world. Pollution levels in almost every region of the country have exceeded the World Health Organization’s tolerable levels. Air pollution has reduced the average life expectancy of people around the world by almost three years. About 6 lakh people are dying prematurely.

According to the report, the effects of pollutants from oil, gas, coal, and fossil fuels on the human lungs can last up to a year. The effects of air pollution on public health are more harmful than smoking. It is possible to reduce this loss by using renewable energy. More people are dying prematurely from air pollution than from epidemics.

About 6 percent of people die of lung cancer from air pollution alone. As a result, the number of patients suffering from other lung diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes is increasing day by day.

Asia has higher levels of air pollution than any other continent. Due to air pollution, the average life expectancy has decreased by 4.1 years in China, 4.7 years in Bangladesh, 3.9 years in India, and 3.8 years in Pakistan.

Poor countries have higher levels of air pollution than rich countries. Air pollution is relatively low in the United States, Northern and Western Europe, and island nations. Among the richest countries, Russia has the highest air pollution in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

The Ministry of Environment has identified 20 causes for air pollution. These are:

1. By Burning Bricks from a Brick Kiln.

2. By Building Roads.

3. By Rebuilding and Repairing.

4. By Placing Something New on the Street.

5. Construction of Various Facilities Including Multi-storied Buildings at Government and Private Levels.

6. Sand Extraction and Collection on a Commercial Basis Along Roads or Highways.

7. Sand in Truck or Lorry.

8. From The Ground.

9. Transport of Cement and Other Construction Materials in Open Condition.

10. Due to Keeping Municipal Waste in Piles.

11. By Burning Waste.

12. By Removing Dirt From The Drain and Dumping it on the Road.

13. Scatter Dust While Cleaning the Road With a Broom.

14. Between the Broken Part of the Sidewalk and the Road Island.

15. Harmful Fumes Emitted From Unfit Transport.

16. From the Clay Attached to the Wheels of Various Vehicles.

17. From Burning Educational Institutions and Government Garbage.

18. Disposal of Garbage and Dust from Shopping Malls and Commercial Buildings.

19. Due to Dumping of Hospital Waste on the Road.

20. Due to Excessive Smoking.

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