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Beauty Tips Before Sleeping

Tired of losing all the work, disturbance and amazement in the skin, the skin becomes dull. At the end of the day, only skin care is taken or not! But it is not okay to laziness in the Best skin care. It is very important to take care of skin in the right way to keep the skin fresh, healthy and vivid. Skin Care Before Sleeping

If you have makeup, then take it with cream, oil, moisturizer or makeup remover. Many times it that the light of Kajal or Mascara from the lower part of the eye remains. This made the eyes around the eyes dark. So, while making makeup, you need to remove the eye parts by pressing the cotton balls or tissue oil or petroleum jelly on the clockwise and opposite side. With this being clear, the fear of getting around the eye decreased. After that, the face will be washing the face with more water.

Skin Care Before Sleeping | Best Skincare

Creamy Moisturizer on any type of oily, mixed skin on dry skin and oily skin. Many people are using the night cream. Before buying the night cream, it is necessary to see if it is compatible with the skin. Besides, the hands and feet of the skin should be good for long periods of moisturizing and clearing the hands and feet.

Typewise Skin Care

General Skin
As soon as he gets older his skin falls on the skin. The wrinkles on the forehead continue to fall, the skin tension decreases. Again, some of the skin’s own problems can make your skin appear in age at a young age. For example, if the skin has less moisture retention capacity. However, due to proper efforts, it is possible to prevent the skin age easily. You can prevent the usual daily care by showing the age-old impression.

Mixed Skin

We are all familiar with different types of skin. Dry, oily and common skin. But there is another kind of skin that many of us may not know about.

This mixed skin is better than other skin. Because this skin is not too dry or oily due to oily and dry skin mixed. Skin skins will not come easily like dry skin, and skin will not be swollen like oily skin.


Dry skin
During this season, the weather becomes dry and dry for dryness, the skin of the lifelessness comes out. But in this era of time, who has time or time to take a little more care of the skin? So today you have some ways of protecting the skin from dryness. Using these methods with caution, they will protect the skin from the effects of winter.

Oily Skin

Skin Care Before Sleeping | Best Oily Skin

If you put the green powder on the skin, it can as a facial or pack. Mix this pink with green powder and apply it to the mouth after washing it two to three minutes. Then use moisturizers and keep in mind that the moisturizer must be of the Panjabi.

While going to bed, one tablespoon lemon juice, half a teaspoon of glycerine and half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly mixed with a lip, and the lips of the lips will get rid of the black spots and the pink holes will be in the lips.

Skin Care Before Sleeping | Oily Skin

Before sleeping, the hands and feet must be cleaned using lotion and using dry glycerine mixed with a lotion in dry skin. In this, hands and feet will be very soft.




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