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Noise Pollution

Nothing Can Be Imagined Except Noise Pollution:
Noise pollution is a daily necessity. Without which we cannot imagine anything. We are exposed to noise pollution in various ways in our daily lives. When we go out of the house, we are exposed to this noise pollution, which is constantly in front of us. The sound of mills, the sound of traffic, the sound of different mics, etc. We try to stay away from this noise pollution but it never stays away from us. Noise pollution has become our daily companion. From time to time it seems we can’t imagine anything else.

Air Pollution Is A Big Silent Killer:

Air Pollution Is A Silent Killer. Every Day Thousands of People Suffer Due To Dust Mixed With Dust. As A Result Of Unplanned Industrialization, Urbanization, Road Digging, Vehicles And Population Growth, The Suffering In The Life Of The Citizens Is Constantly Increasing. One Of The Reasons Is Air Pollution.

A Mixture of Pollutants and Harmful Substances in the Air:

Which Is Making Human Normal Life Unbearable. Air Pollution Usually Increases In Intensity During The Dry Season. Because At This Time The Presence Of Dust In The Air Is More. At The Beginning Of Winter, It Is Seen That Severe Air Pollution Has Taken A Toll On People’s Lives. Air Pollution Is Caused By The Mixing Of Harmful Substances In The Air.

Our Health Is Damaged, Environment And Resources Are Destroyed, And Livestock And Crops Are Damaged. It Even Thins The Weight Layer Of The Atmosphere. Which Has An Impact On Climate Change.

Living a Healthy and Environment-Friendly Life:

Air Pollution Is A Major Obstacle To A Healthy Life And Environment. Every Day Thousands Of People Are Suffering From Various Diseases Due To Polluted Air. Health Risks And Safety Continue To rising. This Situation Is Very Alarming, Especially In The Case Of Children and the Elderly. Acute Air Pollution May Be Associated With Decreased Human Intelligence.

There Is A Significant Link Between Air Pollution And Increased Risk Of Diabetes, According To A New US Study. Polluted Air Causes Various Diseases Like Colds, Allergies, Lung Diseases, Shortness Of Breath, Etc. Even Air Pollution Causes People to Die.

According To the World Health Organization:

According To A Report By The European Union, Air Pollution Is The Biggest Threat To Public Health. According To A 2014 Report By The World Health Organization (WHO), About 6 Million People Died In 2012 Due To Air Pollution. According To A Chinese Study, 80 Percent Of The World’s Urban Population Lives In Unsafe Air Pollution.

Air Pollution Is Sometimes Due To Natural Causes And Sometimes Due To Harmful Substances Caused By Human Daily Activities. Natural Causes Include Floods, Tidal Surges, Salinity, Dust Storms, And Acid Rain. Man-Made Causes Include Dumping Of Garbage And Animal Carcasses. It Spreads Bad Smell and Pollutes the Air.

As Fuel:

The Use Of Oil, Toxic And Lead Gas As Fuel, Mechanical Vehicles, Brick Kilns, Industrial And Factory Fumes And Wastes, Agricultural Wastes, Mining Wastes During Excavations Are Some Of The Causes Of Air Pollution. Atmospheric Pollution Is Caused By Deforestation, Forest Fires, or Other Deforestation. Pesticides And Chemicals Used In Farm Work Pollute The Air. The Bombs, Missiles, And Other Ammunition Used In War In Today’s World Are Causing Air Pollution. Experimental Use of These Weapons Also Causes Air Pollution.

Ways to Get Rid Of Air Pollution:

More And More Trees Need To Be Planted To Get Rid Of Air Pollution, Eco-Friendly Brickfields, Vehicles, And Factories Need To Be Built, Use Of Fuels That Can Emit Harmful Substances Into The Air Needs To Be Stopped And Banned, Use Of Harmful Chemicals Needs To Be Stopped Or Reduced Regular Watering Should Be Done To Stop Or Reduce It, Dead Carcasses Of Animals Should Be Buried In The Ground, Masks Should Be Used While Walking Outside, Road Construction Or Repair Work Should Be Completed As Soon As Possible Etc. Most Importantly, People Need To Raise Awareness To Prevent Air Pollution.

We Have To Work Step By Step:

Although It Is Not Possible To Eradicate This Problem Completely, Effective Steps Have To Be Taken To Reduce It Step By Step. We Need To Create An Environmentally Friendly Attitude In Everyone. You Have To Come Forward Thinking Of Your Own Work. Only If We Move Forward Without Thinking Of Differences And Thinking Of Our Own Work Can We Bring It Under Control? Besides, There Is No Alternative To Planting Trees. This Is A Very Important Job For Us. In The Meantime, We Can Plant Our Trees As Much As We Have Around Our House. Even On the Roof of the House and We Can Do Roof Farming. Just As It Is Beneficial For Us, It Is Urgently Needed For Our Next Generation. Everyone Should Take Responsibility As Citizens Of The Country.

Some Information Has Been Highlighted About The Harmful Effects Of Noise Pollution On Health.

1. Don’t Play Loud Songs And Loudspeakers Or Microphones Unnecessarily.

2. Forbidding the Driver to Blow the Horn Unnecessarily.

3. Don’t Make Noise In The Classroom.

4. To Make Everyone Aware Of The Harmful Aspects Of Noise Pollution.

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