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Fitness is not just Physical, Emotional:

We have many exercises to keep the body healthy. Many people think that the body is okay only in exercise. But I do not want to believe that there is a link between fitness for fitness. But the matter of mind for fitness is very important. Because the full benefit of practice is not available if it is not mentally fit.martial arts


Everyday something should be practiced. Five days of the week should be martial arts and weightlifting for two days. Martial arts exercises can be gymnastics, acrobatics, and various exercises. And weight training should be of great importance in the exercise of the following parts of the body.


Many people insist on eating at three times, But this should not be done. Rather, it should be eaten at regular intervals. When you feel hungry, you only have to eat. The day should start drinking water. Drink one liter of water at the beginning of the day, the morning meal. Most of the breakfast in the morning should be fruits and milk. To satisfy the needs of the body, sweet and saline foods are needed. If you do not see the water flows in the body, you have to drink water regularly.martial arts.


Most people give more importance to the upper part of the body. But they do not want to understand that it is not just the upper part, it is necessary to give equal importance to the exercise of all parts of the body to get the maximum benefit.


Regular exercise does not have physical problems. I do not follow hygiene too much, but I try to do what my body and mind always say. Remember it all the time when I need to rest my body.

Fitness Mantra

The mental preparation for fitness is real. There should be a mentality to enjoy the practice. If it can not be enjoyed, then there will be no full benefit. Because the fitness is not as much physical as it is, more emotional than it is.

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