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Facebook is expanding the distance between parents :

Child Health: What to say, to stop Facebook? Mad! Tell me to drop something else, not Facebook. This can be heard in your children’s heart.imack pro
Without the internet, life is inaccessible. Facebook is now very popular for social media. So many friends, followers, and how many posts; He’s a strange world. Facebook has become addictive now Children are now immersed in the art world.

As much as parents forbade, children should not listen to anything. On Facebook, there is also ‘friendship’ with the child parents. The relationship between parents and children is strained.

After the child’s friendship with his parents, the relationship between them is changing. It is normal for parents to know what your child is doing on Facebook, what is watching, what is posted. Because her child does not want to be in trouble – parents do not want to, For this reason, the use of Facebook may have to face the death of parents every day, children

Eminent psychologist Muhith Kamal told about Jugantar on Facebook that due to Facebook, the friend of the parents is the child. This is how your child is doing, where are you going? This causes tension in the relationship with the child to avoid posting offensive or to not associate with a friend.

He said this is just a few days back. One of the guardians complained that his son posted an objectionable photo on Facebook. At that time he stopped. From that point on, his confrontation with the child began. As a result, the relationship deterioration.
He also said that Facebook is a horrific addiction for children and teenagers at an early age. Parents should be aware that children do not become addicted to Facebook And in this case, the family can be the first tool of resistance.

Eminent psychologist Muhith Kamal has given some suggestions to keep the relationship between parents and friends good and to reduce Facebook addiction. Below are some suggestions for parents –

Parents can play their most important role in reducing the addition of children to their children from time to time. The child must be given time. Find out about where the child is going, where he is going, with whom. Take him out of the house at least once a week.

Conscious workshop in school: To reduce Facebook addiction, the awareness of school youth in the school will be prevented from nowadays. Workshops can be organized at schools. Talks can be conducted in the workshop on the dissolution of the Internet and social media.smail

According to sports psychiatrists, it is absolutely necessary to give time to sports or family members as an option to save children from the evil of the Internet. At the end of each afternoon, he will have to give time to sports.

Become a Friend Make friends friendly relations with children. Discuss everything open. Then many problems will be solved.

Give gifts to the children’s books day or day of special day children’s books. Take him to study the book slowly. Reading books will only increase knowledge, while Facebook addiction will be reduced.

Keep it mobile out of reach. If you do not give mobile hands to the children then it is good.

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